darewit Inkubatory do jaj animar terrarystyka Poid?a, karmid?a, inkubatory, siatki
(zwierz?ta, og?oszenia)
Og?oszenia, zwierz?ta,

Montly Polish Pet Magazine


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fauna&flora, the monthly information magazine has been on the Polish market for six years now. With the average issue of 12 thousands per month, it has had its continuos and unstoppable monthly cycle. Without any exceptions it reaches all parts of Poland.

Adding quality and professionalism into each issue, we have been cooperating with a few universities which have given us an opportunity to develop long term relationships with many well-known and highly admirable and recognized authorities.

The magazine fauna&flora consist of two main sections: Publicist - popular and scientific, claimed to be hugely respectable in the zoological trade due to very valuable articles in a view of the essence of the subject; Commercial - containing small and free ads regarding sales and purchases of animals or plants published by the breeders, as well as business advertisements, articles sponsored by the companies and information about market places and trade shows.

fauna&flora is the first and only periodical magazine in Poland, in the zoological field, with such a wide range of subject matter topics.

Because of character of fauna&flora we reach vast spectrum of readers. This spectrum includes professionals and students as well as trading firms and entrepreneurs, breeders, pet-loivers, etc.

fauna&flora is an indispensable source of information for these ones who organize their homesteads - in modern style - in the city suburbs; decorate their properties with mini-ponds, construct cages for ornamental birds, etc. It is also helpful and practical for those who run their own agricultural farm.

Monthly magazine fauna&flora is being sold across Poland in selling points of Ruch SA, Kolporter SA, Zoological shops as well as in subscriptions. There are over 4 000 subscibers of f&f.
The sale of the magazine has been in steady growth. At the moment fauna&flora is a magazine with very strong and stable market position. We do closely cooperate with the organizers of all major national fairs and pet exhibitions. Every year we participate in about 30 of such venues.

Because your business activities go in harmony with our readers demand, we would like to offer you the possibility of advertising your products through our magazine.

We hope that our offer will meet your strategic and we will cooperate. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Marek Orel (your contact in german),
Janusz Wach (your contact in english)


Wydawnictwo Fauna&Flora Adres: 45-061 Opole ul. Katowicka 55. Tel. 77/403-99-11.
Redakcja gazety: zespół. Redaktor naczelny: Marek Orel, tel. +48 608 527 988.
Sekretarz redakcji: Janusz Wach, tel. +48 606 930 559. Korekta: Iwona Stefaniak.